These are websites I recommend for additional information on production gear, resources, and places to purchase gear:


DVeStore offers great deals on good products, there’s a ton of information, videos and more!

HDSLR Shooter is a great website I contribute articles to featuring news and information for DSLR content creators.

DivaRingLight is the website for my favorite piece of photography lighting gear. Great for beauty vloggers, photographers and videographers alike. is an amazing resource for information, reviews, and an excellent community forum where you can interact with some seriously knowledgeable people. is another forum I belong to, with a great community of people who really do a lot for others by answering questions from beginner level to pro.

This is Guy Cochran’s YouTube channel: DVGearTalk. An absolute wealth of knowledge in video form, doing more than just talking about the tech; Guy demonstrates strengths, weaknesses, best practices and gives great tips on what to use for your productions.

Leaping Brain is a great online resource for video production, storage and monetizing your productions. Featuring solutions like Mod Machine, if you produce video for clients/customers, you should definitely check them out.


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