This page is dedicated to photographers, videographers and other content creators that I know, recommend and support.

Greater Portland Area


Kim Callaway is one of my good friends from my days living in Portland, OR. She has recently been receiving more and more notice for her images, and is definitely worth checking out. Additionally, she is a talented graphic designer, who built the logo you see on my page for me!

Greater Seattle Area

Justin Kraemer Photography

Justin Kraemer has been a great friend since high school, and has become a fantastic photographer. His images of Seattle and it’s residents have been featured  on many websites, including the Bing homepage.

Heidi Caldwell Photography

Another friend from high school, Heidi has an incredible eye and dedication to photo editing. Her wedding photography is exceptional.

JLH Photography

Jenny Hammer is still another high school friend, who has done some fantastic work with subjects ranging from infants to adults. Her work in black and white images is definitely fantastic.

Marked with a B Photography

Kelsey Baker is one of the best newborn and children’s photographers I have the pleasure of knowing. The Facebook page for her work speaks for itself!

Bug Shot Photography

Amy Blacken is the person I’ve easily known longest on this list, going back to playing soccer together in elementary school. Her portrait and group photography is very well done!


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