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Today marks the release date of my second article on HDSLRShooter.com, another industry website I write content for. I tend to wait to write articles until something big comes along, and something with a wide appeal, at that. In this case my trip to NAB 2014 put me in position to be in the room as the first people saw the brand new AJA CION camera body, and then the new Blackmagic Design Ursa only a few hours later. What I saw was one company who has successfully created exciting cameras for a couple of years now, and another company new to the game who took years of ideas and thoughtfully produced a very intuitive camera. Let me be clear; BOTH cameras have uses and niches, and you honestly couldn’t go wrong either way at the price point. What I saw in the CION however was the next stage of evolution for the thousands of users out there still holding onto their HPX-500 and already have all of the accessories for it.

I hope the breakdown I give helps you out if you’re considering either option, and I’m definitely open to feedback or additional questions you might have after reading.

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