So, I’ve been sitting on this news for about a month now, patiently awaiting the right time to let everyone know: I’m now a contributor for , a great website keeping you up-to-date on all things photo/video related with your camera, and being a shooter in general.

My first article is an elaboration and expansion on a post I first created here on Jesse’s Gear, which might become something of a theme. I love writing on this site, and I try to keep my posts concise and bite-size so they can be done quickly (while the info is still hot), and sometimes just to get ideas or news out there. When writing for a much bigger website however, I’ll be spending more time filling-out articles with experience, technical data, and a little more personality. I truly hope you’ll still enjoy coming to this site for news and bits about new and niche gear, but I also hope you’ll check out HDSLRShooter, where I hope to continue to provide great info and insight in this rapidly-changing industry.