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If you’re like me, having your head in headphones for hours at a time can become pretty annoying. It’s ideal for initially setting levels, adjusting EQ and so on, but when it comes to just ensuring things haven’t changed (or I’m still getting a signal), the Blackmagic Design Audio Monitor is a fantastic introduction to our kit.

This piece of equipment won’t replace your mixer or anything, but it gives you the ability to monitor your audio without headphones, leaving you free to talk to crew, monitor audio from multiple sources with the push of a button, and have a slick, bright pair of VUs to visibly see what’s what.

I haven’t tried every single function yet, but in this video, I go through and show you the basics. It sounds pretty darn good, and with connectors in the back for XLR, RCA and SDI, it’s going to be relevant for quite some time.

Check it out!

(Music selection during video: “Go Your Own Way” written by Fleetwood Mack, performed by Silverstein)