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Test photo for upcoming Diva Ring Light photo shoot.

Test photo for upcoming Diva Ring Light photo shoot.

This look is nothing new to many people in the visual media industry. Infinite white, the look of a background that blends seamlessly into any white page, document, website and more, is a very aesthetically-pleasing look for anything from product photography to weddings to Apple commercials. Additionally, if you look into the subjects eyes, you’ll notice light circles. This look is achieved through a ring light, which can either be mounted directly to a camera’s lens, or in the case of this shoot, to a standard light stand in front of the tripod.


The lighting technique I use is fairly straight-forward: set up my backdop – in this case a large piece of white paper. Then, I lit my scene using two large Photoflex soft boxes, a Lowel Caselite 4, and a Dracast LED hair light. The soft boxes are basically to light the white paper, the Caselite provides my fill source, and lastly, the Diva Ring Light is my key light.

The camera is a Canon 5D Markiii with a 70-200mm 2.8 lens. My settings were dialed in at ISO 1600 (still very clean on the 5D Markiii), 1/200 at F8. All lights are set to Daylight, clocking in at roughly 5400K.

Canon 5D Markiii with Diva Ring Light

After a few test photos, I found that my ideal range for a close-up shot (such as the one at the top of this post) was having the camera at about 5′ away from the subject, and the Diva positioned right at the end of the lens. This gave me a bright yet small and subtle ring of light in the subject’s iris, without becoming too distracting or unnatural-looking.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be using this set-up frequently as both a passion to work with such amazing gear, and as I develop a new website featuring photos such as these. When the site is ready to launch, it will be linked here, but until then I just wanted to take a few minutes to show off a fun set-up I put together this morning, and what I consider to be a fairly strong resulting test image, considering the lack of editing I did on it. (sub 10 minutes)

Happy shooting!

Click for more information on the Diva Ring Light