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Normally I post here about new gear, tips on how to use production equipment, or various things like that. Today, I’m taking a slightly different approach. Last night, due to equal parts inspiration and insomnia, I decided to take out the Nikon D800 and take some pictures around my block. The town of Marysville, WA has a pretty iconic water tower, and due to the recent summer festival, the city has decorated trees and such.

State Avenue in Marysville Washington - June 18, 2013

State Avenue in Marysville Washington – June 18, 2013

I’m not posting these because I’m an excellent photographer: by all accounts, I’m much closer to the amateur spectrum, as someone who has worked far more with video production than photography. I’m posting these because it was a lot of fun to get out and shoot something I wanted to shoot something for me, and I have a feeling we all lose sight of that sometimes.

I began my video production career in Jr. high school, luckily attending a school with a solid program in place. Every single day we prepared a live broadcast for the school based on school news and events, and the broadcast went live to every classroom, every day. It was a blast, and educational both in the sense of producing content, as well as many real-life skills I’ve used in other jobs.

It took longer for me to realize I enjoyed still photography as well, and so far this joy has only been a hobby at best. The point, however, is that we all got into these creative fields at different points with different stories, but I’m betting everyone who has has a passion for it. The problems can arise when you find yourself no longer shooting out of passion, but out of necessity. We’ve all got to make a living too, right?

Taking a few minutes out of my day last night to simply go out and shoot something I wanted to shoot with no expectations or deadlines really rekindled the creative spark in me, and I intend to do a lot more of it.

So if you’re having trouble feeling passionate about what you do, just get out from time to time and do it for yourself. After all, if your creative professional has lost it’s intensity and passion, you might not be delivering the best results to your clients either, and you’re definitely cheating yourself out of truly enjoying what so few of us have the opportunity to do for a living: create stories based on images and the world around us.

The Marysville Washington Water Tower - June 18, 2013

The Marysville Washington Water Tower – June 18, 2013