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I posted earlier about the AJA ROI right after attending their meeting at NAB 2013, and was thoroughly impressed with what they claimed this could do, specifically as a converter for use with BMD switchers. We’ve had the issues ourselves during productions of needing to input the screen from a computer, but still wanting to be able to use it to feed a projector, for example. Not only does this bad boy accomplish that, but it’s ease of use is fantastic (it worked for my initial test right out of the box), but it’s control software is simple and intuitive also.

But don’t just take my words for it, check out the video yourself!

Per a question on YouTube, I was asked to demonstrate the ROI’s main function: Region of Interest control. I shot a quick video for this as well, and hopefully it gets across the point well: there’s a lot of power in this one little box!

For more info, you can also see the specs and write-up here.