Today, I believe we solved a pretty big issue with using rack-mount video mixers, specifically the Blackmagic Design family. We did away with the need for a computer. That’s right, you no longer need a computer on location with you or even connected to the network your ATEM is on. What we did was take a relatively cheap router by Linksys, set a couple configurations, and then removed it from having an internet or computer connection: and it works. As long as it’s a router that can still broadcast a wifi signal without needing an internet connection, this can be done. You download the Strata Pro app for your iOS device (an iPad in this video), and as long as it’s on the wifi of the router you used, it will still command the ATEM’s functions!

The only drawback is that you’ll need a computer if you need to change the settings on the ATEM from 1080i 59.94 to 720p, etc. (The Strata Pro app doesn’t currently have a way to do this)

Otherwise, it’s a fantastic solution for disbanding the need for a local internet connection, or bringing a computer with you!

Check it out: